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Terms & Conditions


1. About the site and the e-shop

This website and the online sales store (hereinafter “E-shop” or “Website”), belongs to the company with the name “Phoenicia Fereos Hellas Tobacco Products SA”, (hereinafter the “Company”) and distinctive title“Phoenicia Fereos SA” located at the 22nd km of Marathonos Avenue, Pikermi, Attica, PC 19009 in Greece (Tax Identification Number: 998478919, Tax Office FAE Athens, GEMI Number: 07704201000), contact phone 2106039106 e-mail: [email protected] This constitutes the terms of use and provides information in accordance with applicable law for the completion of orders and sales entirely online, i.e. by electronic means remotely.

2. Access

Only those who meet the following conditions cumulatively have the right to access and use the E-shop as well as the right to place orders and purchases from the E-shop (hereinafter the “User” or the “Users” depending on the case):

• He/She is over 18 years of age (age must be completed when accessing the Website and for any action related to it)

• They are smokers and / or users of other tobacco and / or e-cigarettes

• They live or reside in Greece

• They have full legal capacity

For the full access of the User to the content of the Website for the place of orders and for the execution of any purchase of tobacco products, the creation of a personal account in the E-shop is required. The creation of an account is also necessary for the fulfillment of the legal obligations of the Company arising from the current legislation as well as for its compliance with the current legislation, codes of ethics and the internal policies of the Company for the protection of personal data and the prohibition of sale advertising and promoting products to minors. The creation of an account is, inter alia, necessary to ensure as much as possible the observance of the age limit of 18 years, which makes access and use of the Website permissible. When creating their personal account, Users must declare that they are over 18 years of age and certify that they are permanent residents within the Greek territory.

The Company takes generally reasonable measures to protect minors from the use of tobacco products in general. The Website is addressed exclusively to persons who meet all the above conditions cumulatively. The sole purpose of the Website is the product information and remote purchase of tobacco products that the Company trades on the initiative of the User and is in no way a suggestion or incentive to purchase a product. Users gain access to and use the Website at their own initiative and responsibility, fully recognizing and understanding the health risks of using and consuming tobacco products. Users declare and warrant the creation of their personal account, especially with regard to the information they fill in in the special electronic form that no copyright, personal data or third party personal rights are infringed.


3. Terms notification

Before entering the E-shop and browsing the Website, we invite you to carefully consult and read the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the access and use of the Company's E-shop, at

Make sure that you agree to the following terms and conditions of use because any transaction with the Company through the Website is governed by the following terms and the realization of any transaction requires your acceptance of these terms of use, which implies that you declare that you meet all the conditions under 2 above and that you unconditionally accept all terms of use.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms and conditions of use and access to the Website for the transactions made through the E-shop. Users are required to enter the relevant link at regular intervals, in which the terms of use are posted, and to be informed of the updated terms of use and, if necessary, to accept them. It is clarified that any modification of the terms of use does not cover orders, which have already been registered in the system of electronic orders of the Website before the entry into force of the amended terms of use.

The Company reserves the right, indicatively and not exclusively:

a)     Change at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice, part or all of these terms of use,

b)     to update or upgrade part or all of the content of the Website,

c)     to renew or upgrade part or all of the external appearance (interface), the structure or the configuration of the Website as well as its technical specifications as well as,

d)     Restrict access to the whole Website or part thereof. The Company also reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice to the User of the Website, to cancel, suspend permanently or temporarily or terminate its operation.


4. Register in the E-shop

The User of the Website can create a personal account even if he does not intend to proceed directly or not at all to the electronic product market through the E-shop, had in order to only gain full access to the content of the Website as detailed in the company's Privacy Policy. The creation of the personal account is carried out by completing the special electronic form in which the interested user fills in the following fields: Name, Surname, Patronymic, Residence Address, and Date of birth

However, making purchases from the E-shop presupposes the registration of the User and the creation of a personal account as described above. The "Registration" will only be requested the first time you place an order. Using a Customer Recognition (username or email) and a Personal Secret Security Code (password) you will be able to place your orders in the E-shop and proceed with the purchase of products. For safety issues, see section ten (10).

In the relevant online form, by filling in your details, you will need to fill in all the required information so that your orders can be executed correctly. To complete the process of creating a personal account, you need to state that the personal information you provide in the online form is true and accurate (checkbox) as well as acceptance of these terms of use.

.In order to place an order and complete a purchase from Eshop, each User must comply with the requirements of Article 2 above. People who have not reached the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from entering the Website and / or performing any action on the Website and Eshop. Anyone who places an order through the Website, commits and declares that all the information it provides to the Company is true and accurate. The Company reserves the right to perform its contractual obligations under the purchase agreement against the customer in case the declared data that are necessary to be confirmed upon delivery of the product or receipt by the store are not verified (identity and formality). Delivery of the purchased products is made exclusively to the person who has been declared as a User and by showing a police ID, passport or other public document to confirm his identity. This document must also confirm the User's age.

Delete account

The User has the option to deactivate his account at any time at will. It is clarified that the deletion of the account implies the deletion of the User from the contact list of the Company.

5. E-shop services

Upon entering the E-shop, after the registration process has been completed and the creation of your personal account you will be able to:

• View the contents of your shopping cart ("My Basket"). You can add and remove products before completing your order. You cannot make changes after completing the order. In case of an error after completing the order you should contact 2106039106.

• Complete outstanding orders. Pending orders will be kept on the Website system for two days from their place. To complete your order, the Website automatically directs you to the next step where you are asked to choose how to pay for the ordered products. For payment issues, see Section Fifteen (15). Your order has been completed if the method of payment of your order has been confirmed, in accordance with the provisions of these terms.

• Monitor the progress of your order. For development issues, see section thirteen (13).

• Modify your Account details.

6. Information & Products Provided

A) The Company is committed to the completeness and validity of the information listed on the Website of, both in terms of the existence of the characteristics that are described on a case by case basis for each product available from the Company's E-shop under reservation of any technical or typographical errors, which have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruption of the operation of the Website due to force majeure.

B) The Company provides information of various contents about the products and their general operation through relevant videos. This information is provided for the necessary product information of the User and does not constitute an indication or incentive to purchase a product. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any damage that may occur to a User / Visitor or a third party, due to or on the occasion of information obtained from the Website or posted on the Website.

C) The Website provides the User with a variety of ways to communicate with the Company. The communication of the Company with the User, which is carried out in any of the ways described on the Website and in accordance with the provisions of the Website, takes place after the initiative and request of the User himself and in no case is it initiated by the Company yet. and in cases where the same Company invites the User to the contact information indicated by him as well as in this case the Company communicates with him only after his previous request and under the terms of the Privacy Policy described in detail below.

7. Limitation of Liability

The Company does not provide any guarantee for the proper operation of the Website and / or any of its applications, for the possibility of access and use, for the complete, accurate and timely nature of the content, information or data available on the Website and / or and in applications, for the absence of defects or errors from the content and / or operation of the Website and / or applications, for the absence of viruses or other malware and for the absence of certain properties that could be expected in relation to this Website and / or applications, or their content.

The Company guarantees the timely information of the final consumers about the non-availability of any of the products. The Company's E-shop is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur to Users when they attempt to access the Website and during their browsing on it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website. Also, the Company does not bear any responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and information available through it.

Access to the Website requires access to the Internet by their own technical means. The Company bears absolutely no responsibility if for reasons beyond its control or for reasons of force majeure (indicatively, problems or technical malfunctions of telephone networks or lines, online computer systems, server or provider, computer components, software, not sending or receiving data due to lack of available space or due to technical problems or congestion on the internet or on any website or due to a combination of these events, interruption of internet connection, as well as computer virus attack, malicious or illegal actions or third party interventions, deceptive actions) or it becomes impossible for the Users to access the Website or the position or completion of an order or for any reason and reason their order is not registered in the electronic systems of the Company. If it is found that any User violates or is suspected of attempting to infringe on their network, system or software, the Company reserves the right to report the matter to the competent authorities.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website is the official website of the Company. The entire content of the Website, which is posted on it, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, services and products, is the intellectual property of the Company and is protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. The names, images, logos and distinctive features that represent the Company and / or the E-shop and / or third parties contracted with it as well as their products or services, are exclusive marks and distinctive features of Phoenicia Fereos Hellas S.A. and / or and / or the above third parties and are protected by Greek, EU and international laws on trademarks and industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

In any case, their appearance and display on the Website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use.

9. User Obligations

The Users of the Website accept that they will not use this and the Company's E-shop for sending, publishing, sending, e-mailing or transmitting in any other way any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, annoying, defamatory, defamatory, racist, vulgar, obscene, libel, violating someone else's privacy, showing empathy, or expressing racial, ethnic or other discrimination Contractual or managerial relationships (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other third party property rights; software or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, cause damage, disrupt or impede the operation of any software or computer hardware, intentionally or unintentionally violate applicable Greek and Community law and its provisions, may harass third parties in any way and any content used to collect or store personal data of Users. The Company, in case something is found above, has the right to delete the User's account and report the issue to the competent authorities.

10. Security

The Company recognizes the importance of the issue of the security of your Personal Data (see section Privacy Policy) as well as your electronic transactions (see below) and takes all necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure the maximum possible your safety.

All information related to your personal information and transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the Company's E-shop is achieved by the following methods

10.01 User ID

• There are two codes used for your identification: the e-mail or username and the Password, which provide you with absolute security in your personal information every time you register them.

• You are given the opportunity to change your Personal Secret Code as often as you wish.

• ATTENTION: the User is solely responsible for not disclosing to third parties his personal login credentials on his website (username & password).

• In case of loss or leakage, you must notify the Company immediately (via email or telephone), otherwise the Company is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily detectable passwords (eg date of birth). We also suggest that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols to create a password.

• THE USE CANNOT CHANGE ITS IDENTIFICATION OBJECTIVES (name and date of birth) as the process of checking his age by identification document upon delivery of the Product or on the receipt of the product or on receipt of the Product delivery of the Products in accordance with the specific terms and conditions set forth herein. Also, for the same reasons, it may not send the Products to a different person from the one that has created an Account, nor may it authorize a third party to receive the Products from the store.

10.02 Ensuring the Confidentiality of the Transfer of Your Personal Data

We use the SSL-128bit encryption protocol to ensure the confidentiality of data transfer. The system has been certified by Verisign, which specializes in transaction security.

10.03 Automatic Disconnection

If there is no activity for a period of 20 minutes from your entry on the Website, the user's E-shop is automatically disconnected from the user's space and your re-entry is required.

10.04 Controlled access (firewall)

Access to the Company's systems (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by customers / users while prohibiting access to systems and databases with confidential information and information of the Company.

10.05 Encryption

The Company's system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (predefined at the beginning of your connection to the service) and then processes it. Your Company's systems send information following the same encryption process.

At any point on the Website you are asked to enter personal data (password, addresses, telephone numbers, credit cards, etc.) there is an SSL 128-bit encryption.

10.06 Confidentiality of Transactions

Compliance with confidentiality is self-evident. The same basic principles that govern classic transactions apply in the case of e-commerce through the E-shop. All information transmitted by the User to the Company is confidential and the Company has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that this is deemed necessary for the services provided.

Some of the measures taken are as follows:

Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to process your orders or requests.

The Company does not disclose the data of the Users and their transactions, unless it has a written authorization from them or this is imposed by a court decision or decision of another public authority.

In case the Company uses third parties to support its systems, it takes care to ensure their confidentiality.

Subject to the provisions hereof, which apply to Personal Data, you may request any information held about you as well as their correction.

For your own safety, you should also handle all information provided by the service as confidential and confidential and not disclose it to third parties.

11. Product Features

The features and specifications of the products available from the E-shop refer to the main page and the individual pages of the products.

The User has the absolute responsibility to make sure that it is covered by their specifications and that they fully meet their needs.

In case of doubts about the characteristics of a product, you can contact the Company in any of the ways of communication listed on the Website or at the beginning of this.

The E-shop is not responsible for inaccurate information provided by Users regarding their needs.


12. Listed Product Prices

All prices of the products of the E-shop include VAT 24% except for tobacco products (cigars and industrialized cigars) in which the tax is integrated in the special tobacco tax (VAT) and always according to the famous tax film.

Prices can be changed without notice and are valid for the period of time they appear on the Website at the time of completion of the order. In case the order has been given and paid with a different price, the contract is executed with this price.

Shipping costs are not included in the listed prices of the products, are borne by the User and are differentiated, depending on the shipping - receipt of the product purchased, according to the shipping costs mentioned in the paragraph. Prior to the completion of the order and its confirmation, the User is informed of the total cost of his order, including shipping costs.

13. Order development

The ordering position in the E-shop is as follows:

• Selection of products by the User and addition to the shopping cart

• Display of the total order and its cost plus shipping costs. Update on the estimated delivery date of the order.

          Confirmation of the order.

• Inform the User about payment methods based on payment options (except cash on delivery)

• Selection by the User of the method of payment and payment of the total fee except in the case of payment by cash on delivery

          Quality check

• Packaging

• Rendering to the Courier Company and informing the User by email about the tracking number of the package.

• Delivery of the order to the buyer at the time agreed in the address stated by the User in the details of his account upon presentation of his police ID or other document certifying his identity.

For cases of delay in order, see below

From the moment the User confirms his order by clicking on the "Complete" icon (bottom right of the "order"), he is considered to be aware and has fully and unconditionally understood the current terms and conditions of use and sale of transactions concluded between consumers and consumers. suppliers for a fee entirely online, ie by electronic means remotely, the prices, the suggested time and delivery cost for the volume and quantities as well as the proposed products for sale and purchase by the User - buyer. The ordering of products implies an obligation to pay the cost of the order on behalf of the User - buyer. The sale is completed when the User-Buyer places the order. The Company will confirm its order by sending a relevant e-mail to the e-mail address that the User has declared during the creation of his account ("e-mail confirmation of order").

14. Shipping Methods - Shipping Expenses

Delivery of products can only take place within Greece as delivery of Products abroad is prohibited.

The delivery of the products takes place exclusively to the User of the account, to the address that the User will have declared in the details of his account after a demonstration of his police ID or other document certifying the identity.

In any case, the Customer must present himself in person to receive the Products and have the appropriate identification documents that prove both his identity with the person who has an Account and his age. Otherwise, the courier or the employee in the store that has been selected as a pick-up point, acting as added to the Company, will refuse the delivery of the Product which will be returned to the Company, and the purchase contract will be automatically canceled after the age and identity check are, of course, an unconditional condition for the delivery of the product without the consent of which the purchase and sale would never have taken place (legal basis). After the successful completion of the 1st order for each future order, it is possible to receive it from an adult indicated by the holder of the account in writing, by showing his identity for receipt and delivery of relevant authorization by the User, which will bear his visa. genuine signature.

You can ship your products with the following ways:

Free of charge with ACS Courier for all orders 

Pickup from our store all working days  09:00 – 18:00 

15. Methods of Payment - Transaction Security

• Cash on delivery of your order from the cooperating courier company.

• Deposit in a bank

• Use of Credit or Debit card

For more information, see Payment Methods.

16. Issuance of Documents

The e-shop currently only supports Retail Certificate and Invoice. The document is sent together with your order.

For invoices, an email with the customer's tax details needs to be sent. In case they are not sent immediately, the Company will not send your order until the procedure for the issuance of the legal document is completed.


17. Defective products

The Company is committed to the quality of the products, the completeness and validity of the information listed on the Website, without prejudice to any technical errors that go beyond the control of the Company.

In the event that a defective product is found to be found, the Customer reserves the right to return the product after consultation with the Company on how to return it, and after confirmation of the defect, the defective product is replaced.

18. Delay in order execution

Reasons for which the execution of your order may be delayed are, indicatively, the following:

a. The product has been removed or is not available

b. Cases of force majeure, such as extreme weather, holidays and strikes.

c. If telephone or electronic communication with you is not possible due to incomplete information or clarification about the product for shipping or payment of the product.

d. Delay of receipt by the customs.

The company is not responsible for cases b, c, d.

19. Cancellation of order

You can cancel your order if it has not already been shipped and is not in a shipping company without any charge, by calling 2106039106.

In case your order has already been shipped, you should contact us to inform you of your withdrawal policy and available options.

20. Right of withdrawal

For reasons concerning the nature of the products through the E-shop and for reasons of health protection, no right to withdraw from tobacco products is provided, after receipt by the buyer.

Regarding the other non-smoking products of E-Shop upon receipt of the product, you have the right to withdraw, without any reason, if the relevant declaration of withdrawal comes to us by any appropriate means (e-mail, fax, telephone) within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of products. You will then need to return the product (s) relating to your withdrawal within fourteen (14) days of us receiving your relevant statement. Under current legislation, the consumer is charged with the cost of returning the product (s). Along with the product (s) you must send us both the document issued (receipt or invoice) and any written guarantee.

In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, we will refund the price of the product you paid, within fourteen (14) calendar days.

21. Warranty

The products are checked for proper operation before being shipped. Our store does not provide any warranty other than that provided by each manufacturer for its products and in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty policy.

22. Complaints Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services of the E-shop or the products we market, you can send us by e-mail, fax or mail a simple document in which you will report your complaints in a simple and clear way. You can even contact us by phone. The Company undertakes to respond to you in the manner you have chosen, within five (5) working days and to make every effort to satisfy your complaints, of course respecting your confidentiality and personal data.


23. Resolving Various

For any dispute, which arose due to or on the occasion of a transaction, which took place or was to take place through the E-shop, the Greek Law shall apply and the competent courts of Athens shall be exclusively competent.

According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece by JM 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes is now provided by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (EED) in the whole of the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie a natural person acting outside the professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase made by our Website, he can initiate the EED process through the single pan-Hellenic platform for electronic dispute resolution (platform). HED) available at the link