1.     Cohiba it’s the flagship brand of Habanos, and the most recognizable in the world.

2.     The name Cohiba is an ancient Taino Indian word which means tobacco.

3.     It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro. At first it was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats.


4.     It’s quite new brand, started in the open market at 1982, started in Spain.



5.     There are four different lines, Linea Clasica, Linea 1492, Linea Maduro 5 and Linea Behike.


6.     Cohiba Cigars are produced at the famous factory El Laguito.


7.     The authentic Cuban Cohiba Cigars have holographic Taino Indian head in their ring, nine white squares rows, holographic elements of the words “Cuba” and the Taino Indian head and a metallic gold letters with the word Cohiba.


8.     Cohiba is the number one brand in Cubans Cigars that has been counterfeited more than any other cigar brand in the world. So probably you have smoked a fake one



9.     The Cohiba Cigars are the most expensive. Don’t try to find a cheap one, probably it’s a fake.


10.  Linea 1492 created to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in Cuba. Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo III, Siglo IV, Siglo V, Siglo VI, 1 Cigar for every century.  


11.  All Cohiba sizes are Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made.